Illuminating Expressions of Faith, Hope, and Love During Adversity. 





The inspiration for creating this apparel derived from witnessing people all around us, in stores, restaurants, and various other public settings, forced to hide behind a mask due to an atmosphere of fear.  We understand that safety is paramount in today’s time and decided to come up with a bold non-verbal way to express faith, hope, and love, that will encourage others to stand strong together and rise up against Covid-19.


Our passion is to give back to the community. Because of this, for every mask you order, we will donate 10% of the proceeds to a non-profit charity. These proceeds will go towards 10 different outreach organizations that specifically support military veterans, domestic violence, sex trafficking, child abuse, and addiction recovery. We are excited that we can serve in this way, and sincerely appreciate your help in making our world a better place!


Hi, I'm Ben, an entrepreneur, influencer, writer, contractor, United States Air Force Veteran, son, and brother, who was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. After leaving the military, I moved to Colorado to be closer to my mom and brother, who left Hawaii to seek a more affordable way of life. At the time, I carried around a lot of anger due to PTSD and traumatic events during my childhood and entered into a cycle of violence and self-destruction. I took my hurt out on everyone around me.  It resulted in numerous years of incarceration off and on, 2 suicide attempts, a battle with a serious drug addiction that lasted over 15 years, and over 250 therapy sessions. I felt as if this cycle would never end.  Then a family member asked me if I could come out to San Diego to help her with a project. So I did. After spending a few months in San Diego, away from the toxic environment that I created back in Colorado, I realized that there was a different life waiting for me, a life worth living. Soon after, I had a radical divine encounter with God that rocked my world, my life completely shifted onto a path of healing, forgiveness, faith, hope, and love breaking off the addiction, anger, and hurt that gripped me for so many years. Through my new identity and purpose, I have a passion for loving, helping, and empowering people.



Hi, I'm Jess, a born-and-raised Jersey girl, daughter, sister, coach, teacher, and writer. After several failed attempts at corporate jobs, I began a downward spiral of self-sabotage, toxic relationships, addiction, depression, a suicide attempt, and developed an eating disorder that I battled with for over 9 years. After getting into a car accident, I realized that the life I was living was slowly killing me and decided to move to San Diego for a fresh start. My problems seemed to follow me even after moving across the country. I found myself at rock bottom, and it was an encounter with God that changed me forever and propelled my life forward through faith, forgiveness, and unconditional love. I believe that love conquers all, and am passionate about helping people find fulfillment, healing, confidence, and authentic beauty.


We're Ben & Jess, founders of FaithfullXpressions.


Ben & Jess